A Letter From Our Founder

Hello there, welcome to Kardia Design Studio’s new home!

I am very thrilled that you are here visiting us today, we are proud to share our new company branding and website with you all, it has been a long and exciting creative process. This re-brand marks a very big milestone for Kardia Design Studio, it represents our growth and creative maturity over the years. This is the face of the company we dreamed of being four years ago, when I dared to make my dreams a reality. Many of you may not know this, but not only do we have a new home online, we also have a new home in our city. It is with great joy that I officially announce the opening of Kardia Design Studio’s doors in the Westchase area of Houston, Texas. We moved into our office on September of 2012, it has been quite an incredible and surreal journey! Since our move to the studio, our schedules have changed immensely, we have been so focused and working hard for our clients that we have not had the opportunity to properly celebrate our grand opening. But, it is definitely something we are planning in the upcoming months and we look forward to seeing you here to help us celebrate. Our studio space is currently a work in progress as we are still furnishing and decorating, but it is really starting to feel like home around here. And, now with the release of our new logo we can not wait to get them printed and installed on our studio walls.

I would like to take this moment to introduce you to an incredible person who has joined the company full-time, his name is Daniel Martinez. He was always here from the start as part of the foundation that supported me when I decided to build this company. He is the most amazing, creative and smartest person I have ever met and I am proud to announce that we are now officially business partners and running Kardia Design Studio together. Daniel has extensive background knowledge in Interactive Media & Web Design and is an Email/Internet Marketing guru and may I add he is a mathematician. So, whenever you need anything and I cannot be reached, do not worry, Daniel has got you covered!

It is a very exciting and busy time for us, we could not be more blessed, grateful and willing to push forward. We would especially like to thank our wonderful clients, family, friends and supporters who have been so encouraging and motivating throughout all of the phases of our journey. We really appreciate your trust and love for Kardia, we look forward to continuing our walk beside you all and inspiring each other for many years to come!

Thank you so much for your time, hope you enjoy all our new goodies.

We leave you with another surprise, CLICK HERE to take a sneak-peek into Kardia’s world!







Cindy K. Menjivar
Designer & Creative Director, Founder

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